Business Innovation and Excellence Award-2023 First Edition

The Business Innovation and Excellence Awards 2023, organized by the Bada Kadam Foundation, was held on 30 April 2023 at Garhwal Bhawan in New Delhi. The event was graced by the presence of Harish Rawat, Former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, who served as the Chief Guest. Dr. P.S Rathore, an international business coach, was the keynote speaker, while Bollywood Director and Producer Mahir Khan, Poet Dr. R. P Sharma, Project Director EU Media Gagandeep Singh, Edu Model Dr. Rabiaah Bhatia, and Senior Journalist Alok Kumar were the Guests of Honour. On the other hand, Dr. Neha Kamat, Dr. Vikas Kohali, and Poet Aman Akshar were present as jury members.

The event was a grand success, and 37 awards were distributed to the participants in various categories; the awards were given in recognition of the outstanding achievements of the businesses; Ms. Urvasi Sharma, the International HR Head of Saint Gobain, was awarded as the “Dynamic Woman Leader for the year 2022”. The President of Bada Kadam Foundation, Er. Vivek Koranga expressed his gratitude to the sponsors of the event, Naswiz Retails Pvt. Limited and Mind Miracle for their support in making the event a grand success.

The event provided a platform for businesses to showcase their achievements, build strong relationships with other business owners, and get recognition for their efforts. Each awardee was awarded by the Chief Guest, Former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Sh. Harish Rawat.

Overall, the Business Innovation and Excellence Awards 2023 was a grand success, and it provided a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their achievements, get recognition for their efforts, and build strong relationships with other business owners.

Here is a list of Awardees: 

Awardee    Award

  1. Dr. R P Sharma     Poet of The Year
  2. BDJM Public School    Best School of Uttarakhand
  3. Ramesh Babu    Uttarakhand Ratna
  4. Dr. G S Sindhu    Environmentalist of The Year
  5. Dr Pawan Kaushik    Green Man
  6. Vijay Pant    Social Activist of The Year
  7. Urvashi Sharma    Dynamic Woman Leader
  8. Mr. Pradeep Yadav    Young Dynamic IR professional
  9. Dr. P S Rathore    Top 50Business Intellectuals of the Year
  10. Junaid Ul Islam    Best Motivational Speaker of the year
  11. Dr. Amir Wani    Youth Icon J&K
  12. Pythowiz By-Naswiz Retails Pvt. Ltd.     Product of the Year
  13. RGS Gurukulam    Best School of Jharkhand
  14. Jyoti Saxena    Best Woman Acdemic Leadership
  15. Dr. Pawan Keshari    Best Business Man of Dumka
  16. EU Media    Most Emerging Exhibition & Conference Organiser
  17. Ms. Santosh Sharma    Influential Woman Leader of Delhi
  18. Dr. Hem Bhatt    Icon of Uttarakhand
  19. Dr. Kushum    Best Counsellor in Research Education
  20. Rakesh Pandey    Best Start Up consultant
  21. Seven Star Courier     Outstanding Courier Service Provider
  22. Sumiran Singh    Best Mentor Skill Development
  23. JS Polyclinic    Best Polyclinic of Jharkhand
  24. Hitesh Choudhary    Corporate Financial Advisor
  25. Pratik Mudgal    Corporate Financial Advisor
  26. Dr. Ram Avtar Pachori    Social Activist of UP of The Year
  27. Amit Kumar    Best Manpower Supplier
  28. P C Caterers and Decorators    Best Caterers and Decorators of UP
  29. Mind Miracle    Child Counseling and Brain Development
  30. Shri Hari Consultancy    Best Abroad Medical Admission Consultant
  31. Arya Convent School     Best School of Karauli
  32. Heeralal and Sons Sahadra -32    Teste of Delhi
  33. DR. MOHAMMED OSAMA    Best Resource Person
  34. Ms. Hemlata Binwal    Model of Kumaun
  35. Naresh Kumar Sharma    Best Optician Haryana State
  36. A to Z education consultancy    Best Education Consultancy of Jharkhand For The Year
  37. Mr. Vineet Kumar Chaubey    Best Infrastructure Management Services-IT.

Chief Guest of The Event

Harish Singh Rawat is an esteemed Indian politician who has served as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand from 2014 to 2017. He is a prominent leader of the Indian National Congress party and has been elected as a Member of Parliament five times. During his tenure as a member of the 15th Lok Sabha, Mr. Rawat held the position of Union Minister of Water Resources in the cabinet of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from 2012 to 2014. He has also worked as Minister of State at the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Food Processing Industries (2011–2012), and Ministry of Labour and Employment (2009–2011). Mr. Rawat’s impressive political career is a testament to his unwavering dedication to public service and his commitment to serving the people of India.


Harish Rawat Ji
Mr. Harish Rawat Ji

Keynote Speaker of The Event

Dr. P S Rathore

Dr. P S Rathore is a leadership and life coach, honored at the House of Commons, British Parliament London as the best international management guru and a Firewalk trainer. He is the most ideal corporate trainer for value cascading across the organization at all levels, say corporate level, business level, and even functional level. He brings flair, excitement, and X-factor, which makes every participant immersed in the program. He makes the participant visualize the change process. He is a household name in the corporate fraternity in India and abroad.